Simple Caterers to Best Event Managers in Hyderabad: Story of Mukta Event Managers

Mukta Event Managers, one the investments of Inno Garage is now seen as the best event managers in Hyderabad. However, the path to this success has been very rugged says Mukta Phani Shekar, the founder and COO of the company. 

When I started the company, I did not really have a great contacts, financial backing nor the know-how of this business. But then, there was always a HOPE that the company will take off though I did not know how to go about with it. 

This was when I approached Inno Garage for their help. The team was very helpful and guided me through most of my works. They helped me with their SEO Services that helped me in getting more business. Their bent on technology helped in creating an awe in the customers. We have experimented on new ideas, some of them have not worked. But, team Inno Garage helped us in diversifying quick and risk-free. 

This was the point at which we wanted to expand beyond traditional event management. We tried to get  innovative concepts like augmented reality into the picture. We have worked on augmented reality, 4K Cams for Candid Photography, 3d holograms and 3D Echo systems in Marriages. Now that helped us in differentiating among the myriad of other event managers in Hyderabad.