Chinese Companies Target Power Investments

The new targets of China are power investments. China Beixin, Chen Qijin Roads, Xinjiand Beixin and Bridges Company Limited are one of the few Chinese firms that are showing interest in taking part in the construction of the Peshawar mass transit and express ways and hydel power generation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Last Saturday morning, a meeting between The K-P Chief Minister and Rafaqat Ulah babar was held at the Paktunkhwa House. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about the future power investment for the previously mentioned projects. Babar made a detail inform to the delegation explaining that he also has to inform the authorities that are concerned with these projects so that the physical work can begin. The promise that the delegation gave to Babar Rafaqatullah was that the K-P projects will invite even more Chinese businessmen ready to make power investments. As a gesture Babar told the delegation that the machinery that will be imported for the execution of the schemes development will go through without being paid custom duty for it.

China Water and Electric Corporation is another Chinese firm that has previously offered to make a power investment to the hydel power generator of K-P. This Chinese firm has also met with Babar Rafaqatullah in order to make a separate power investment. 3.849 megawatts (MW) of electricity is what the K-P is generating only from the hydropower projects. The projects that are planned to come into game will have even bigger potential meaning more MW of electricity. The exact number is 9.482 MW. The government is involved with more than 28 projects like this one. About 77 project have been completed and a lot more potential sites for electricity generation have been noticed and identified. The expected voltage of electricity that the potential sites are expected to generate is 8.930 MW. That is a good number especially if you take into consideration the number of projects that are being finished and the new ones that are starting.

The State Council of China made a statement on 4th of July this year. In the statement the Council of China noted that the capacity of solar electricity is expected to reach 35 or more gigawatts by the end of the year 2015. The expected growth between years is 10 gigawats. The expected growth is due to the calculations of the power investments that China has been making.