Inno Garage Partners with Perigreen Group of Companies

Inno Garage has today partnered with Perigreen Group of Companies for on various issues related to green idea implementation. This decision was made public today in the press conference held at Marriott Hotel Conference Hall.  

Taking in the press meet held here today, Mr Perigreen Mohan stated that the world has to look at development of alternative green ideas to make life more sustainable. He said " It is not easy for us to change our habit patterns overnight. But, continuous efforts have to be made to ensure that we adapt new ideas everyday. During the occasion, Nikhil Kuruganti, Chairman of Inno Garage said that this collaboration between the companies will pave a way for better world. 

 According to the conditions of the partnership that was made public, Inno Garage will work on the ideation of the plan and Perigreen will help in implementation. The collaboration will be extended to the industries of construction, agriculture and technology. The timeline for the collaboration will be for 3 years and will cover the geographical regions of South East Asia and Africa.

Perigreen is a known name in the filed of green idea implementation. It has earlier worked in the areas of green idea implementation in mining, real estate, energy and construction. It is the pioneer in the idea of Integrated Farming technique using sustainable practices and pesticide eradication methods.