Environment Consulting

Know your Risk. Take Control. Work with the Experts.

When it comes to your project, you need to know what you’re getting into. That’s where Inno Garage Environmental comes in.

Inno Gargae Environmental is an environmental risk expert focused on business-minded solutions.  We have over 20 years of experience in consulting and managing a wide variety of environmental, engineering, industrial hygiene, energy and development projects. We understand the science involved, the regulations that must be adhered to, and the need to provide you specific, relevant information, so you understand your options and can make solid business decisions.

Inno Garage Consulting understands the value of our natural environment and the need to minimize impacts from society and industry. As one of the world’s leading global consultants, our 500 talented environmental professionals have a long history of providing environmental solutions for private and public clients around the world. 

Our skilled engineers, scientists and project specialists provide comprehensive environmental management services that meet client business and operational lifecycle needs for feasibility, impact analysis, and operational compliance as well as remediation, restoration and reuse of impacted property.

Daily we demonstrate global capabilities to manage the world’s most complex and important projects. And our clients and their communities truly benefit from our innovative and proven solutions. 

From developing a countrywide remediation framework in Malaysia to award-winning US Brownfield restorations. From the carbon footprint assessment of a timber company in Chile to understanding air pollution generation in China. From environmental permitting of energy projects to protecting global water resources. From climate action/greenhouse gas reduction plans for cities to river and wetland restoration – we provide solutions to environmental challenges.

Our major practices integrate sustainability elements in our service delivery, yet we also provide sustainable development program-wide solutions for major environmental challenges. For example, our Air Quality team routinely performs Greenhouse Gas (GHG) programs and our Remediation Consulting & Engineering practice is a leader in green, or sustainable remediation.  Our social scientists in Impact Assessment and Permitting contribute to broader ESIA assessments to ensure that any impacts to the social environment are fully explored and addressed.

We regularly deepen our technical skills and understanding of environmental issues through extensive technical literature contributions, partnering with academic institutions and collaborations with industry associations.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of client processes and operations, local and regional regulatory settings and standards, and emerging global trends sets us apart as a single source for clients' global environmental consulting needs.