Center Fresh Advertisement - Funniest Advertisement of 2014

Center Fresh, an Indian brand parodies various advertisements cutting the product lines to create an advertisement that is all set to rock the award functions this year.  


It starts with a series of recent advertisements featuring an upcoming Bollywood star in which she endorses a toothpaste with "active" salt in it. The actress materializes herself out of thin air, by breaking the walls and by breaking in with a bike when someone has a tooth ache. Indians are lucky to watch such knowledge disseminating advertisements in over 20 languages, featuring vernacular language stars like this Tamil

Indian televisions are bombarded with "fairness cream advertisements" whose central theme is usually an ugly Betty turning herself into Helen of Troy by using these creams in a matter of few weeks. The commercial also features various kinds of "benefits" like getting married (as if it were the only goal of Indian women), career growth, boost in confidence(you thought that only the Western World is this racist didn't you?) that one get by using these creams. 

Indian television market has recently experienced the plasma TV phenomenon that is replacing all the existing household TVs with LED screens of varied sizes, picture quality, thickness, "artificial intelligence" and features that can make even Einstein scratch his head. 

The ad also mocks Indian Cement advertisements and the TV show endorsements that offers panacea to all the worldly problems. 

Nice one as usual center fresh!!