Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad

Inno Garage is in the business of managing perceptions of brands – online. Our team combines the three essential skills to excel at social media marketing: 

1. consumer understanding 
2. analytics 
3. technology expertise

Unlike popular belief, social media marketing is long term and strategic – not tactical. We have heard countless times the expression – “We want to do something in online marketing too”. This is absolutely the wrong desire. Social media strategy works best in sync with the overall marketing strategy for a brand. We advise clients to craft the most effective way to use social media for marketing and brand building for the long term. Each business is different and so is each brand. Starting from deep consumer understanding, habits and preferences and the marketing objectives of the client we create a social media strategy with clear cut implementation plan.

Inno Garage uses proprietary analytics and online reputation management tools to give brands an edge versus their competition. Using these tools, Inno Garage is able to draw appropriate engagement strategies and campaign ideas and demonstrate progress, measurably. With several wins under its belt, Inno Garage, is well positioned to be one of the foremost digital marketing agency in India.

Inno Garage brainstorms with the client team as partners to define campaign objectives, whether it be brand awareness, sales or brand loyalty. Working backwards, we help clients figure out the optimal way to approach social media marketing.

Our Vision: To be a thought leader and change agent in the domain of digital marketing

Our Mission: Our mission is to be recognized as a leading authority on digital marketing by the best marketers and brands, globally. We will work towards constantly innovating to help brands reach and engage their target consumers on social and mobile platforms. Our endeavour will be to deliver against ambitious marketing objectives defined by our customers.

Our Values: Integrity, respect for all individuals and fair play are values we live by. We are committed to giving our 100% to enhance the perceptions of the brands we work with.