Business Technology Services in India

Business Technology Solutions is a client focused information systems and technology consulting company.  Our mission is to help companies maximize their business potential by designing, developing and installing customized systems or internet solutions so they can effectively utilize information technology. 

We excel at web site design and development, search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns and analysis, surveys, event management, e-commerce systems and web site analysis.   Our service offerings also include Google adwords campaigns, hardware and software tool analysis and recommendations, competitive review and end-user training.Our Business Technology consultants aid clients in setting their technology strategies and realizing the full potential of their IT investments suiting the requirements of Indian Companies. 

Technology strategy
To support our clients’ business objectives and provide long-term direction, we help them step back from day-to-day activities to determine their overarching technology strategy.

IT infrastructure
Inno Garage collaborates with clients to determine IT infrastructure direction and implement changes, creating a robust foundation upon which enterprise applications can add true business value.

Business intelligence and analytics
We help our clients develop actionable insights based on a deep understanding of business data. Our expertise spans from BI strategy to analytics to infrastructure design and execution.

Enterprise applications
Our consultants help clients select, architect, implement, and determine how to manage critical enterprise applications.

IT management and governance
We assess our client’s technology environment against best practices and business needs, and recommend tangible steps to reduce costs, expand capabilities, and improve quality. Additionally, we can provide interim IT leadership to maintain service levels and assess future requirements if clients have open IT leadership positions. Interim leaders can help determine the type of leader the organization needs next and support efforts to recruit, evaluate and transition permanent replacements.

Inno Garage is a distinguished management consultancy in India. With exposure to over 15 industries and experience of having served hundreds of clients, our team looks forward to solve any business problem that your business confronts. To get a free quote from one of our associates feel free to call us.