Pooled HR Service

We, at Inno Garage Consulting constantly innovate to bring the best of the Human Resources Practices for Business. The concept of Pooled HR Service emerged from the need where small companies are teaming up together to build better value for their services. We know that the future of SMEs development through the Clusters of Industry/companies creating a common pool of support system to benefit. Our Pooled HR Service helps these companies to build a common HR Service to help them in their respective businesses till they grow to have their own HR Department or they are ready for our HR Function Outsourcing/Management Solutions.

Lets review how we have done it. We helped a cluster of IT incubating organizations in Bangalore. The association has about 20 startup IT Organizations which are supported by an NGO to build a common support for their Incubation. What we did ?

  • Invited for interested organizations who may want to build and practice good HR practices from the day one.
  • We have received interest from 8 startup organizations.
  • We built a set of HR Action plan Items to be implemented and customized to each of those organizations.
  • We have extended support in meeting the Business owners at a frequency agreed in advance.
  • We helped and supported in clarifying their business in relation to People Strategy, Helped in Building basic HR Documents, Processes, Educated all the new incumbents joinees/existing staff for adherence.
  • Built an HR Help Desk - This was to help address any questions from each of these organizations.
  • All the 8 organizations have shared the cost of such operation whereby benefiting in establishing HR practices required for their growth. The overall cost was lower than a resource hiring with best of the HR brains to help in creating and Managing HR support system for growth.
We invite like minded business owners who are small or growing to take advantage of building support for your growth. These small steps would go a long way in building a sustainable organization.