Navigate Disruptive Change with Innovation Growth Strategies

Sooner than you may think, your company will need to transform in response to changing customer expectations, groundbreaking technologies, or disruptive startups. Our research shows just how challenging the business environment has become: The average lifespan of a company listed on the S&P 500 has shrunk from 30 years to about 15 years today.

The shifting business landscape makes it imperative to re-think your long-term growth strategy. Historically, fewer than 10% of companies have been able to sustain above-average growth for more than a decade. Leading incumbent firms often catch transformational trends too late, or not at all.

That's why a systematic approach to strategy drives everything we do. It's why our meetings with senior executives start with the toughest questions: How will you handle the most pressing disruptive threats? What is tomorrow's business model, and how will you build it? How can you align your management team around a robust growth blueprint?

To chart a new growth strategy for enterprises, we work with senior leaders to

Analyze and anticipate disruptive forces and technologies.
Implement "dual transformation," where you strengthen the core and create tomorrow's growth.
Develop new business models to enter emerging markets.
Calculate looming growth gaps and create the new businesses to close the gaps.
Prioritize and balance business and product portfolios.
Develop new mechanisms for resource allocation.
A ‘Future Back' approach to strategy development

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Inno Garage has developed a unique approach to strategy development that is designed to deal with the increasing uncertainty that makes traditional planning tools increasingly ineffective.

A core component of our approach is our "Future Back" framework, which links strategy to innovation efforts and drives the creation of a blueprint for achieving growth in a changing industry landscape. Through a series of strategic dialogues, we help a leadership team build a shared view of how to position the enterprise for sustained growth.

We focus not just on anticipated market conditions but on sifting through market trends to zero in on critical "jobs to be done" of tomorrow's customers. We help you develop strategies for growing your core businesses while also accelerating new ideas in markets that may not yet exist. And we make it highly actionable by developing specific plans for ideas and for the underlying capabilities that make strategy reality. The approach aligns leaders on a shared vision and growth goal for their enterprise and paves the way for corporate transformation.