Corporate Strategy Services in India

Charting Corporate Strategy in India is a challenging task. In a dynamic business environment, corporate leaders need to assess their current positioning compared to market movements and take a sharp look at growth opportunities. With a limited set of resources and time, they must pursue the optimal growth option to succeed. In order to make those investment decisions, management teams require a solid fact base and analysis of markets, customers, and channels. Most management teams don’t have the resources to conduct such analyses, particularly while delivering day-to-day, and no one can afford to wait the extra months until “time becomes available.” This is where Inno Garage is often first introduced.

Inno Garage’s process and depth of content in the Indian context lead to actionable answers. Our corporate strategy insights originate from the numerous consulting assignments that we have undertaken in India and abroad. We work quickly with leaders and client teams to understand what you want to accomplish with available resources. Our corporate consulting teams collaborate with yours to set up the parameters and time frame in which to measure success. We bring to the table corporate strategic frameworks to assess business issues, and industry knowledge and best practices to put your situation in broader market context. We then infuse a key Inno Garage differentiator—significant, in-depth research and analysis that is customized for India from which to build a bottom-up analysis—to derive insights about your particular customers, markets and situation. This content allows the whole working team to hear what’s really going on in the market, through a common set of facts.

The depth of content ensures that answers are actionable, as they’ve been checked where the rubber meets the road—with the markets and customers. The process we use rallies your teams, because they can all get behind the content. This combination ensures that your results are accurate and actionable. Our unique testing abilities further the tested in various India-alone parameters and finally the product hits the road. Our unique corporate strategy servies helps companies in developing a holistic plan. 

Examples of Engagements:
Division Positioning. A public industrial company had been running a mid-market division as a cash cow through the recession. They were wondering if this now under-invested division was cannibalizing sales of the larger division, whether there was room for more than one brand, and whether to invest or divest. Inno Garage Consulting dove into their data to segment customers of the smaller division and test for buying overlap. We sized the middle market opportunity for both brands, and surveyed customers of multiple brands to quantify market segmentation and cannibalization. The findings sufficiently proved a substantial potential market, differentiated positioning, and a good reason to invest rather than divest.

Pricing Strategy, Brand Loyalty Assessment, Product Development and Merchandising. On behalf of a private equity investor seeking to buy a portfolio of “orphan brands” in the pharmaceutical space, Inno Garage Consulting sought to strategically assess brand awareness and loyalty. We first quantified price elasticity among consumers to identify potential opportunities for price increases. By validating the size and growth potential of the current customer base, Inno Garage Team then identified areas for operational changes (e.g., new product development, merchandising, pricing) post-acquisition to help the company maintain continued shelf-space and to increase visibility. The investment was made with confidence, and was exited with a substantial return to investors.

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