Best Corporate Strategy in Indian Scenario

Competition takes place at the level of business units which are organised to sell products and services to distinct customer groups. Till 1991, businesses in India felt no need for strategy development because it was the government who decided market entry, production capacity, prices and other strategic levers of a business. Corporations had little or no say in the market. The only things that mattered were to receive government approvals and secure technology from abroad if it was not available within the country.

Marketplace has changed dramatically in last fifteen years. There is an intense competition in most of the industries now as a result of lower entry barriers, changing customer preferences and proliferation of products within most product categories. The winners in the changed environment are those which have made right strategic choices based on a better understanding of competitive dynamics and structure of their industry.

We help our clients gain insights of their business environment and develop strategies that deliver world leading performance in Indian context. Our approach helps companies take a long-term view of market place and align their resources and competencies to develop a road-map to success. 

Multi business companies face a constant challenge to demonstrate the value of corporate parent in managing a portfolio of businesses. To add value to business units, corporate centre needs to define its role in managing those businesses. The role may range from managing businesses as a portfolio of financial investment to creating resources and capabilities to enhance business unit performance. 

Corporate strategy provides clear direction and strategic logic for keeping, improving or divesting businesses. Companies need to understand the strategic logic of running diverse businesses to ensure fit and create synergy making overall performance better in case of multiple businesses. 

Inno Garage Consulting works with businesses to assess fit of their businesses with corporate goals, create organisational systems and consults on management processes. To get a quote from our representatives feel free to call us.