Method to Develop Business Processes in India

As economies develop, services component in GDP surpasses manufacturing and agriculture. However, India’s economic growth has been led by services, mainly IT and IT enabled services. We now witness many new services which did not exist two decades ago: Mobile phone services, call centres, organised retail, Cable & satellite TV and so on. 

As a result, customers have better visibility in how services are produced; sometimes they even become part of production processes. The challenge before service businesses is how they can maintain consistency in service delivery and provide a great experience to the customers.

In spite of all the talks about the advantages of a process centric approach to drive an organisation forward, we have found that companies are still stuck in a functional mindset. They simply cannot give up the ‘silo mentality’. The mindset to work in functional silos has cost companies dissatisfied customers, bloated organisations, high inventories, delays and poor service levels. 

By looking at strategy rather than functions, it’s possible to reverse the situation. As such, there is a great amount of scope for improving performance by rethinking about the way work is done to achieve end goals in the areas of customer satisfaction, manufacturing performance, supplier management and employee turnover. 

Inno Garage’s approach to business process redesign makes mindset change a top priority. We also create and build process ownership for each of the key processes to ensure that they are integrated seamlessly within the organisation. 

Our people centric approach and change management techniques ensure that a culture of continuous improvement is embedded within the organisation. 

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