How to Accelerate Innovation

Even the most promising and well-funded new business ideas can be easily derailed. We work with enterprises to overcome common obstacles while accelerating the creation of new growth ventures.

Most companies understand the imperative to innovate. But large enterprises face particularly acute challenges in launching disruptive new ideas.  Organizational inertia, legacy business models, lack of leadership support—these and other issues can easily stall innovation and growth.

But when big companies combine an entrepreneurial approach with unique strengths such as brand, distribution, and other assets—they can increase the odds of launching high-impact growth businesses. Innosight works with leading enterprises to capitalize on these opportunities by rapidly identifying and developing strategic growth initiatives. Over the past decade we've advised clients ranging from Medtronic to Citi to Procter & Gamble and Turner Broadcasting.

We work side by side with innovation teams to:

  • Spot new opportunities using our jobs-to-be-done approach to understanding hidden customer needs
  • Facilitate a structured process to translate market insight into high-impact ideas – quickly and rigorously
  • Develop detailed blueprints for innovative new business models
  • Optimize innovation portfolios and prioritize high-potential opportunities
  • Prototype and pilot new ventures, with an emphasis on "testing and learning" to minimize risks
  • Our approach to accelerating innovation from concept to launch integrates deep experience working with leading multinationals, our own investments in start-up companies, and academically grounded principles.

Creating Customer Solutions Using "Jobs-To-Be-Done"
Our understanding of customer habits and desires begins with a simple question: What is the job that the customer is trying to get done? Inno Garage's "jobs-to-be-done" approach surfaces the true motivators of purchase and use, providing unique, actionable insight to realize often hidden opportunities.

Instead of asking what products customers want to buy, Inno Garage asks what fundamental problems they hope to address.This approach goes beyond traditional segmentation to more accurately uncover desirable new opportunities for innovation. Read more about our approach here.

Business Model Design
Ideation often gets a bad rap inside companies, because it is associated with one-off sessions that produce "out of the box" ideas destined to never get implemented. Inno Garage has pioneered a rigorous approach that accelerates the creation of powerful new growth ideas. We don't just develop ideas, we develop fully formed business models to create, capture, and deliver value.

Successful enterprises typically have a strong legacy business model driving their core business. But capturing new growth opportunities requires different and often disruptive business models. This is not easy and can take decision makers out of their comfort zones. But the results can be dramatic. Inno Garage's four-box approach to business model innovation guides the formulation of a comprehensive blueprint for a business model and all the necessary assets to deliver that value. We envision a range of models and help to prioritize choices based on company goals and bounds.

Speeding Through Innovations' First Mile

The best businesses emerge out of a process of trial-and-error experimentation. Innovation's first mile, when an idea moves from paper to reality, can be a perilous place. Based on our unique experience working alongside global giants and investing in and incubating startups, we have developed a step-by-step process design. We launch, monitor and measure in-market experiments to challenge the an idea’s most critical assumptions. Our test-and-learn approach, which we call "emergent strategy," enables companies to pivot away from the path of failure onto the path of eventual success.