New Business Innovation Services

We develop Innovation Strategies

Innovation, annual reports are stuffed with today’s most popular buzzword. We like to give innovation strategies meat on the bone. Which type of innovations are we aiming for? Why do they fit our organization? How do we create a culture and platform for intrapreneurial innovation?

How we do it:

  • Innovation scoping workshops
  • Future trend studies
  • Business model audits
  • New market exploration
We generate new business concepts

Whether you are looking to enter a new market or generating ideas for your next-generation of products, we offer methods and inspiration to come up with more creative ideas. We don’t just facilitate the process: our team will come up with breakthrough offerings of their own.

How we do it:
+ Ideation Workshops in startup hubs
+ Learn from interesting ventures in other industries
+ Innovation Bootcamps
+ Executive pitches to get top management funding

We test business prototypes faster than anyone

No business plan survives the first contact with customers. Therefore we help our clients to build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to test concepts as fast as possible with customers, reducing investment risks & allowing you to shorten your overall time-to-market.

How we do it:
+ Business model development workshops
+ Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
+ Lean Sprint
+ Co-entreneurship
+ Launching corporate ventures