Innovation & Creativity Training

Techniques to find new ideas for your business 

An innovative culture and the right set of creativity techniques are crucial in every business. This 2-day training will bring your team a structured process and the necessary idea generation tools. It will enhance your team’s skills in developing new product, service and business concepts, as well as finding new markets for your innovative technology.

Context: Training for innovation champions 

The front end of innovation has to follow a structured process to produce the right outputs, while at the same time it has to inspire employees and jog their minds into new ways of thinking to generate amazing ideas. It is a difficult balance to strike and we ensure to facilitate it in our proven innovation process.

After the training, participants will:
Master techniques to identify new fields of opportunities
Grasp the balance between inspiration and structure in ideation
Use specific tools to generate new business concepts
Understand a structured, inspiring innovation process
Use templates to prototype new business cases
Adopt a creative mindset in their daily projects