Innovation Bootcamp Organizing

Make corporate teams act like startups.

Innovation is driven by people, not by corporate processes. That is why our Innovation Bootcamp gives your corporate team a platform to develop new business ideas that they are passionate about. Through intensive coaching the teams go from ideas to an executive pitch in just 4 days. It’s very much similar to how start-up teams develop their ideas, and pitch them to investors.

Context: Develop ideas, the start-up way

Corporates have an incredible scale to market innovations, but they risk killing ideas by applying the same processes and governance structures in development stage. Corporates can learn a lot from start-ups: adopt a mindset of accepting failure, prototype fast, recognize small can be beautiful, and prefer customer feedback over being obsessed with business cases.

Tools, coaching & design support

We provide teams with the right tools and frameworks in every step of development. Teams are coached and challenged intensively throughout the bootcamp. We also bring designers into the mix to support the teams in developing mockups and prototypes of their ideas, so teams can go out on the street to test and get feedback.

Welcome in the startup scene!

Innovation Bootcamps take place outside of the company walls, in spaces that breath entrepreneurship and quirkiness. When we take corporate teams to place like betahaus (Berlin), you immediately feel the change in mindset when they start interacting with the startup community hosted there. Typically we also include a pitching moment by local ventures.

Result: Executive investment pitch

Corporate managers tend to be trained to have a business case reflex: when a new business idea pops up, they dive into excel and powerpoint to make a nice-looking business case. In the bootcamp we first focus on mockups and customer testing, before getting into the financials. The end result is an executive pitch, including a mockup, proof of customer interest, and a business model. It’s up to the executive panel to invest and decide to develop the new product, service or business model.