Marketing Services in Changing World

We focus on building marketing strategies and tactics from the consumer or customer perspective, the 'outside-in' approach, which leverages an understanding of how products and services fit into people's everyday lives to deliver relevant and integrated experiences.

An area of marketing where we have particular expertise is brand management. We are one of the leading brand strategy firms in the world. Thought leaders and advisors, such as Professor Kevin Lane Keller and David A. Aaker, brand strategy pioneers as well as the writing of our CEO, Erich Joachimsthaler, provide the intellectual foundation of our work. Our experience of over 500 assignments in continents around the world fuels our work, passion and knowledge.

Key questions we help answer:

  • How to identify insights around customer demand in order to develop new market opportunities?
  • How to identify new, high-value segments through innovation segmentation research?
  • How to build, extend or leverage strong brands or a portfolio of brands?
  • How to evolve a brand through re-branding or revitalization?
  • How to create compelling value propositions?
  • How to effectively communicate through integrated programs?

Brand Leadership
We offer comprehensive services including branding, brand strategy, brand management, and all aspects of brand leadership. During the last 20 years, we have broadened and deepened our expertise with the extensive practical experiences of our senior partners and consultants as marketers, brand managers and branding experts.

Marketing Planning
We develop marketing planning and facilitate the comprehensive process of making sure that the tasks of marketing are fulfilled efficiently and effectively - performing a marketing audit, defining marketing objectives, developing a plan or establishing the planning process, establishing the marketing budget, monitoring and measuring marketing progress, developing marketing strategies and marketing mix strategies.

Customer Management
Our offering ranges from customer analyses such as measuring lifetime values, assessing customer equity, to strategic customer relationship management. We design and execute customer programs through pilots to optimize the customer acquisition, retention and win-back opportunities.

Our experienced managers and operating executives ensure that our recommendations deliver results for our clients. This may take the form of developing sales material, working with the advertising agency to develop communications, creating a new merchandising program and implementing it with retailers, or it may include mapping customer touch points and reengineering the customer experience.

We offer a comprehensive set of analytical tools and methodologies to help clients maximize efforts and optimize investments in strategy, marketing and innovation. Key questions that we address are:

  • How large is the opportunity of a new market or innovation?
  • What investments will maximize the impact of a strategy on top-line revenues?
  • How can the impact of marketing spend be optimized?
  • What is the value of a brand and what effort will maximize that value?
  • What alternative scenarios of activating a strategy will maximize business results?
  • How can the organization achieve a higher level of marketing accountability?
We approach these and other key business issues with a range of decision analytics, quantitative and qualitative studies, marketing effectiveness modeling, and brand valuation services.