Infrastructure Consulting

At a time when costs continue to rise, our Infrastructure clients face an increasingly dynamic environment driven by globalization, greater project complexity, and a rising call from customers for faster and less costly performance. We help Engineering and Construction companies navigate these challenges. Whether supporting an emerging market strategy, a reorganization, or a project-cost optimization, we deliver significant, sustainable impact for our clients.

Construction projects are inherently complicated. To deliver a project according to an owner’s often-changing requirements is particularly challenging. Other factors, such as shortages of experienced project staff, remoteness and complexity of projects, and deteriorating labor conditions can add to the challenge. With owners increasingly pushing to transfer project delivery risks to the contractor, decades-old practices of delivering engineering and construction services are no longer sufficient to ensure profitability and owner satisfaction. Drawing on our experience in other industries, we find that applying lean practices at every stage of a mega project can result in significantly higher margins, higher commercial win rates, and improved client loyalty and trust. Our Infrastructure Practice supports contractors in planning and executing projects according to lean principles. At the same time, we use our deep knowledge of mindsets and behaviors and our extensive experience in organizational transformation to embed these lean principles and change the project team’s way of working.
Our Infrastructure Practice works with regional governments, urban planners, foundations, non-profits, utilities, and businesses to plan and develop new cities and redesign existing urban areas. Our consultants collaborate with colleagues in complementary practices, such as Travel Transport & Logistics, Sustainability & Resource Productivity, and Public Sector, to bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Throughout the lifetime of a project, we work closely with clients to build their capabilities and ensure the sustained impact of these projects. Our role includes:
  • Developing economic master plans for new and existing development zones
  • Assessing the requirements for and economic feasibility of major infrastructure associated with development
  • Modeling the economic and environmental impact of major infrastructure on cities
  • Evaluating and launching performance improvement programs for major city infrastructure-related services
  • Providing project management support to establish and develop major urban infrastructure projects
By applying a systematic approach, we help assess the full range of private and public options for funding infrastructure assets. Our proprietary models enable us to identify risk, advise on pricing, and assess risk mitigation approaches and their implications on financing strategy. We also help clients directly link their corporate and business unit strategies to their various financing strategies. Finally, by leveraging McKinsey’s vast network, we can facilitate connections to alternative sources of capital for our clients’ infrastructure projects.

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